Chief Mkwawa was an African hero. A great military strategist, he fought and won a historical battle
against the German colonizers in Lugalo in 1891. Seven years later he committed suicide rather than be
captured by the Germans who later beheaded his body and took his skull to Germany where it was stored
in a museum up until 1954. Chief Mkwawa’s story is full of intrigue, suspense, glory filled victories and agonizing
defeats is one of the most important in the African fight against colonialism and western imperialism.

Producer/Director – Seko Tingitana
Managing Director of Alkemist Media, she has over 12years of experience in Tanzanian media. As
a Producer, she has a keen sense of what resonates with an audience. During her tenure as Head
of Programming at East Africa Television (2005 – 2008) she oversaw the inception and
production of milestone shows such as 5 Live!, Ze Comedy, Friday Night Live and Nirvana. Since
she started Alkemist Media in 2008, she has been instrumental in getting Tanzanian stories on
international television screens, producing news stories for CNN international, ABC networks in
the US and the BBC in the UK. She has a Finance and Media background, graduating from
Marymount Manhattan College in New York City with a Bachelor in Science.
Director Of Photography/ Camera – David Sevuri
Managing Director of True Vision Production, David has been active on the Tanzanian media
scene since 1995. For the past 16 years he has produced and directed various projects for local
and foreign entities including The History Channel, CNN International, Local Tanzanian Ministries
and NGOs, ITV as well as worked on feature films including winning “Best Cinematography” at
the Risasi awards.
Production Manager – Josiah Murunga
Editor - Nick Marwa
Post-Production and special effects manager – Momose Cheyo

 Seko Tingitana 'Mrs Amour Shamte'Producer of the movie,am proud of you girl.

The movie is premiering next week at New World Cinema,for more information click -


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