Super Model Flaviana Matata
She is a friend and supporter,
Thank you girl

Mwamvita is a friend,customer and she is like a sister to me
She has always been there for us and make sure that Kiki's Fashion is growing.
Thank you Mwammy,blessings
Fauzia is a one of our long time customer,she is amaizing
Sophy is a friend and a good customer of ours,thank u doll

 Mange is a friend and a good customer,
She has been there for us for s long time,she has play a big party of our success,
Thank you mange and God bless you mama

 Patricia,she is a sister and very supportive.
Thank you Pat for being their for me,God bless you

Jennifer has been there for us all along,thank you luv

Joseline is a friend and a very good customer of Kiki's Fashion,thanx gal

 Jokate,she has model for us and she is our customer as well,xx

Natasha,she is a friend,our model and a customer

 Giver,our model

 Rosemary FJ,she is a friend and a supporter

Shanny,one of our good customer 

Thanx to my family,friends and fans and to all who has been there for us,you mean a lot to us,I can't mention all of them here but I just want to say thank you so much and God bless you all,Happy New Year everybody..

Much Love



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